diaNoche Thank you & Giveaway Winner

I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA this week.  The little guys brought home a stomach virus from school so it's been a bit messy around here.  We're feeling good now though!

Veronica's back visiting from dia Noche with a thank you to all of you who made comments & popped over to visit:

 "I’m happy to announce Patricia from PVE Design as diaNoche’s giveaway winner!!!  I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and for all of their kind words.   I can’t fully express how much it has meant."

{The gorgeous Patricia Van Essche from PVE Design}

I've spoken with Veronica a few times in the past couple of days & she's overwhelmed by the sweet comments & notes people sent her way.  She's poured her heart and soul into her new line and is thrilled with the response she's gotten. 

And I also wanted to thank you for the nice comments about the pics we took.  I've decided that having your best friend come over, dress you in her beautiful clothes, do your hair & makeup like a superstar, take a million photos of you and throw out all the bad ones, keeping only the good ones, is a great thing to do after you have kids.  As silly as it is -and the many of you that have kids probably know this- but after you have a baby, even when you get back to "you," you're not quite sure if you look the same as you used to and you worry a little that you never will...  (At least I do.) But seeing the pics made me feel better about myself. 
Love you Veronica.  Thank you.  

xoxo, Lauren

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