TDC on The Nate Show!

WHOO to the HOO. I am so excited! I’ve been keeping you in the dark about this fun little news – sorry about that. :) I just didn’t want to say anything till I had an air date, knowing the little I know about TV production…and even now with an air date scheduled, I know it could still end up on the cutting room floor.


I’m optimistic and excited so I’m spilling! :)

It started a few weeks ago when I got an email late one night that started:

“Hey Sarah, 
My name is Michelle and I’m a producer on The Nate Berkus Show…”

UM. Hello Michelle!

I woke up hubby from a deep sleep for that one. :)

Anyway, we talked over email and the phone off and on about me coming out, and then I got word early this week that the segment they were thinking about me coming out for was cut.

But they wanted to use my site in a segment called Nate’s Finds – at first I thought it would be just a quick mention, but I think it’s going to be a few minutes worth. (I think. I really have no idea…I haven’t seen what they taped.) So I spent most of the day Tuesday emailing pictures, links, info, and more pictures to one of the producers.

I hear Nate himself was digging one of my project in particular, and did one of his own – can’t wait to see it!

I got word today that the Thrifty Decor Chick segment will be on an episode that airs Tuesday, November 16th.

I have to admit – I was kind of relieved they didn’t need me to come out right now. I’m a planner and the thought of getting the call and flying out the next day was giving me hives. :) At least this time of year -- with the holidays, hubby’s job (three words = marching band season), needing a hair cut, child care, wanting to lose ten pounds. You know.

And now I get to watch and not worry that I look like a total dweeb. It will just be cutie Nate. Showing pictures of my stuff. I can handle that!

Maybe some day I’ll get to go out there and hug swoon over meet Nate in person. ;)

Until then, I can’t wait to see my little “there in spirit” segment! Hope you can catch it!

And as always, thanks for your support! :)

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