Giveaway weekend!

Modern Bird Studios

Whoooeee…welcome to the week of giveaways! I’ve got some great one’s coming up, and who better to kick it off than my friends at Modern Bird Studios?

First of all –  Megan and Gregg have to be the most patient people I’ve ever met. We first started talking about doing this giveaway about eight months ago. I was so psyched when they offered us our own piece of art, but I wanted to find the perfect picture…and evidently that takes me eight months. :)

And for all that is good – those two are FUNNY. I follow them on Twitter and laugh daily. And when I met Megan in September, she was as awesome in real life as she is in blog-life.

I’m so excited to share their amazing work with you this weekend! Modern Bird creates truly unique art from of your photographs. They use a combination of digital, hand, and painting processes on an oak composite. And it is STUNNING.

Gregg takes your photograph and breaks it down into a two, three, four or five-color image which creates abstract shapes that make up the art. The result is a beautiful two-color or multi-color piece of modern art that would fit into any home:


Isn’t it fantastic? I love that their process takes a cherished photo and amps it up to a whole new level – into a truly one of a kind piece of art.

Their is a crazy selection of colors to work with, so you can make it work for any room in your home:


So…you want to see ours? Ack…it’s pretty fantastic. :)

I caught a picture of our son last marching band season that we absolutely treasure. He has always “conducted” Daddy’s band, just like Daddy. It’s actually kind of freaky, because its obvious he’s got some genetic talent from my hubby…he really conducts.  It’s amazing.

And CUTE. Adorable. Makes me want to burst with happiness.

And Gregg turned it into beautiful art:


Beautiful art I had to photograph in the Bub’s bathroom, because I didn’t have enough daylight left. ;)

I love how it emphasizes one of the two cowlicks on the back of his sweet, sweet head:

And my very favorite part – his upturned left foot:

Like, yeah…this is nothin’. Put me up on the podium peeps. I got this.

UGH. I love that boy!!!

Now, we just have to figure out where to hang it! For now, it sits on a ledge in the playroom:

We LOVE it.

So guess WHAT?? I have an amazing giveaway from Modern Bird Studios for you! One of you will win a $250 gift certificate to purchase personalized art just for you and your family.


There’s a few ways to enter this one, so you’ll have more chances to win.:

1. Leave a comment here!

2. Visit the Modern Bird Studios portfolio here and take a look around. Then come back and tell me if you would chose the two or multi-color process for your art. Don’t worry -- if you win you’ll be able to change your mind. :)

3. Follow Modern Bird Studios on Twitter or like them on Facebook, then come back here to leave another comment letting me know!

A couple things – it’s only open to those in the US and Canada, and no previous winners are eligible to enter.

The giveaway will be open until Monday at 5 p.m. Eastern time.

**If you’d like to purchase your own art, Megan and Gregg are offering a GREAT discount -- 15% off your order using the code THRIFTYDECOR. This code will expire one week after the giveaway ENDS – so till Monday the 29th. Which is perfect timing, because all Christmas orders must be placed by December 1st!**

I’m taking some time away from blogging this coming week to spend LOTS of time with my sweet family, but keep an eye out for more great giveaways this week. You may want to check in Monday afternoon. Just sayin’. :)

Have a GREAT weekend and a incredible Thanksgiving!!

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