Welcome to Crazy Town

First of all, my husband is a SAINT.

Really. On any given day when I’m working on a project, he comes home to my messes, the house torn apart and everything looking different than it did when he left in the morning.

When he takes business trips for days at a time – forget about it. I think he wonders if he’ll even come home to the same house.

He’s been dealing with my DOCD/DADD (put the “Decorating” in front of either) in a BIG way lately. When I start working on something, I usually have a vision for how I want it to look. And about 95 percent of the time, it turns out like it does in my head.

That rocks.

The other five percent, I become a waffling fool – do I like it? Yes, I do! Wait, no I don’t. I think I do. I don’t at all. What was I thinking? Well, maybe I do. I should like it. But I don’t. But from this direction it looks fantastic! I do like it! Yes! I do! Wait…

You get the picture. It’s exhausting, really.

A project in our master bedroom has turned into one of those. And it needs to be resolved PRONTO. I’m tired of dealing with it. Usually when my head turns all Cybil-like, I know to just live with it for a while and with time I figure out for sure what works and what I like.

This one I still can’t figure out. I’ll spare you all the details, but basically, our bed is about 15 feet off the floor. Or maybe about four feet. Whatever. It’s tall. And we like it.

I used to have our lamps way off to the end of our nightstands. But when laying in bed, we couldn’t reach to turn them off. Hubs actually pulled a muscle once doing it – for real. And, add to that – the nightstands were too low because the bed is so tall, and we basically couldn’t even see to read a book at night because the lamps were so far away and the light was below our heads. Make sense?

Well, just in the past week I resolved the night stand issue (more on that later), but I still can’t decide on the lighting. Originally I had an idea – I LOVE the sconces I used in the Bub’s big boy room, so why not incorporate those?:


I picked up a couple more at Home Depot and installed them above the bed:

And I really loved them, but didn’t love the cords or the brackets on the wall. I thought about painting the cord covers the same color as the wall, or even snaking the cord through the wall, but I knew the cord would still bug me and I didn’t want to put holes in the wall.

I’ve been wanting to take more advantage of our beautiful four poster bed, and have always dreamed of hanging fabric from somewhere, but nothing has ever looked quite right.

This was finally my chance! I got some sheers from Target and rigged them up around the lights. I ended up getting five sheers to make it really full:

I loved it at first – and then something just seemed off. It felt almost hospital-ish to me I guess. And the lampshades blend in too much –  I think if they were a bit bigger and/or a darker color, it would work better. That would be a pretty easy fix.

I absolutely LOVE the way it looks with the lights on:

Lights on is definitely more hotel-ish, not so much hospital, yes? (And I have no idea why every. single. photo. I took leans to the right.)

But here’s the dilemma – from this direction, the room looks drape heavy:

Or is it just me?

I did not clean for you. Forgive me. I want this done and DEAR LORD for all that is good, I just wanted to take the pictures and show you!


I need to mention at this point that hubby LOVED this look. LOVED. We both loved the lights – they are perfect (PERFECT) for checking your iphone reading before bed. That’s the thing – at night I really loved it. During the day something felt off.

So today I found a couple of lamps I loved at HomeGoods, and brought them home to try out a more traditional set up:

The iron thingamabob is not going to stay, but it needed something up there, so just ignore it.

This tells you my insanity right now –- when I first did this today I was all YES – finally! I love it! It feels right.

IMG_1129But hubby got home and really misses those lights and the curtains. He says he likes it either way, but I know he’s secretly wondering what in the heck has happened to his wife and how can he get her and his curtains back?

And just a few minutes ago, I walked in and totally missed the curtains too. And I told him I did. See? I am crazy and he still loves me. He is awesome.

Please help me.

You Squeezies are brilliant. What do your smarty pant minds think?

Things to consider – I’m thinking of a way to break up the rust colored curtains just a tad.  I want to add a touch of cream to them somehow to tie in other parts of the room. They won’t be SO solid – at least in my crazy town head.

I’m playing around with the idea of a very tailored bed skirt. If I do it, it will be the same color as the main color in the duvet cover. So that’s a lot of fabric going on with the sheers. If it’s too much, I may just get another sheet set and use the fitted sheet as a cover on the box spring (I have a white one on there now), to “hide” the box spring.

The walls are getting molding – it’s going to be a HUGE project. It will be very traditional and will break up the green walls a bit. If I keep the curtains down, I’ll most likely frame out that area above the bed with molding somehow. Not sure what I’d do just yet…

So that’s it. What do you think? Be kind. :) I like both ways, hubby says he likes both ways, but I’m running out of time because those sheers need to be returned soon if I’m not going to keep them! ;)

Oh wise and brilliant bloggy friends – which do you prefer? I know it’s up to me cause it’s my house and all that, but you guys always have great thoughts, so I’d love to hear!

I’m making a final decision tomorrow and will be done one way or the other. I mean, neither options sucks…I just want to be done! (So I can move on to thinking about Christmas decor.)

What?! Who said huh? Hmmmm?

**I’ll announce the giveaway winners tomorrow! For now I must turn my mind off. :)

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