Holiday with Matthew Mead!

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YES. I’m thinking about Christmas. YES, I know it’s still October. I do this every year, and I don’t apologize for my GLEEEEEE. :)

I do blame my son – the older he gets, the more magical the season gets. This Halloween will be the most fun yet, and I’m over the moon excited to see how he takes in this Christmas.

We’ve been going through the holiday aisles at Lowe’s for weeks…and at Hobby Lobby for months. ;) I finally found The Polar Express at Target and we watched it for the first time on Monday – and it is simply fantastic.

Big. Fat. Sigh.

Bring on the holiday goodness!

Because I just couldn’t wait -- I’m bringing it for you this week! I was beyond thrilled when Matthew Mead decided to use one of my past projects as inspiration for one in his upcoming Holiday with Matthew Mead magazine.

The publication is quite literally hot off the presses as I speak…er…write:


As Matthew says –

“It’s 144 pages of holiday inspiration - featuring well-known and admired designers, bloggers and top-notch stories -- and printed on beautiful paper (while not drowning in ads!). We consider Holiday with Matthew Mead part book/part magazine - a publication that you will keep from year to year and add to your collection of Holiday decorating, crafting and cooking magazines and books.”


Ack – I cannot WAIT to see it!! Like I need more ways to get in the spirit.  :)

I’m so excited because I’ll have an extra copy I’m giving away to one of you!

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Yippee! (This is just one of the many great giveaways coming up for you lucky Squeezies over the next few weeks on TDC!)

If you’d like a chance at a free copy of this “book-azine” – leave a comment here!

If you’re as excited as me and would like another chance at winning, feel free to mention it on your blog, Facebook or Twitter, with a link to this post, then come back and let me know that you did. (If you do all three, let me know in three more comments!)

And if you’d like to order a copy, visit Matthew’s site here. (If you ordered one already, it should be in your mailbox by the end of this month.)

I’ll leave this giveaway open till next Monday, the 25th. (If you comment anonymously or have a private blog, leave an email in your comment and be sure to write it as follows – name (at) whatever (dot) com. I don’t want anyone getting any spammy junk from leaving your email here!)  :)

Good luck!

**I can’t wait to show you what else I’ve been working on in the kitchen – I’m a woman on a mission…to finish this redo!

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