To buy a fat pig...

Yes!  I'm going to Market, to Market!!  It's my first time so I'm a total newb.

For anyone who doesn't know about High Point Market, you can check out details here.  Since I've never been myself I really can't quite conceptualize it yet but it sounds like a city of trade-only design showrooms.  Really, a city...  No actually, the mecca.   14 million square feet of showrooms I think??  So it's going to be humanly impossible to see it all but I'm going to try to hit as much of it as I can.  My goal is to find some beautiful new (to me) companies to work with & I can't wait to see it!!  It's seriously intimidating to be honest, but right now I'm waaaay more excited than nervous.

Anyone else going?  I think a few (hopefully a bunch!) of bloggers are planning on meeting up for drinks one night so let me know. If you are going ,check out this post by Elizabeth Morten guest blogging over @ Velvet & Linen.  Does anyone have any recommendations for showrooms to visit?  Tips?  Events to attend?  Would love some advice!!

xoxo, Lauren

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