Teensy Peek of a Client's Project

Remember this design plan for my clients Aimee & Dave that I showed you last week?

Well, the upholstered pieces arrived and look so awesome!!!!  Now, in a perfect world, everything arrives undamaged and flawless...  well, in real life, sometimes there are issues.  Aimee & Dave's custom sofa arrived with some damage so I'm working on getting it fixed with the manufacturers delivery company.  Have you ever heard the saying, "There's no such thing as a design emergency?"  Well, I have and for the most part have to agree...  no matter what, it's not a life & death situation and shouldn't be stressed over... BUT in this case, I have to admit that I totally felt sick to my stomach.  Luckily, Aimee's really understanding and was so excited with the look of the pieces that she sent me some pics. 

We still have to finish flushing out the plan with curtains, pendant lighting, pillows, art work, rugs (potty training right now ;) and accessories but I had to show you what it's looking like. Here it was mid-construction:

And here it is now:

I just LOVE the orange Thibaut fabric!!!  Oh my gosh.    I can't wait to see all of the soft goods in place!! 

Have an awesome weekend!!  Today is Dave's & my 5 year anniversary.  We're celebrating tomorrow. 

I can't believe it's been 5 years - it went by so quickly- and yet it feels like it's been forever in another way.  We met when I was 20, my junior year (his senior year) of college in English class.  He was this cocky guy from New York and I fell for him. hahaha  But seriously, any guy who can take this like a champ is my hero:

We've become "grown-ups" together and I couldn't imagine any of this without him. 

xoxo, Lauren

.... maybe not quite grown-ups yet...  but honestly, does anyone ever feel like one???

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