My nekked kitchen windows

Sooo…do you remember that little bitty kitchen project I started ohhhhh…five months ago? With the help of some free Amex points, I was able to take the simple changes I had planned for the space and amp them up just a tad. :)

Well, the summer-o-lazy hit, and then the closer we got to fall, the more obsessed I got with decluttering, so the kitchen has had very little DIY action lately. I’m finally getting the urge to get it finished up – especially since there’s not really that much left to do anyway.

I do have one thing I’m stuck on though – our window treatment-less windows. My plan has always been to redo the no sew roman shades I had up before – I absolutely LOVED them, but the fabric was a bit heavy for the updates I made to the kitchen.

But the further I got into the changes to this space, the less I wanted to cover the windows again!

I started the window redos by reinstalling molding around the windows. I had done this once before a couple of years ago, but they never looked quite right because I never painted everything out white:

bay window before

I ended up stealing that molding for a family room wainscoting project a year or so ago, so they were trimless again for some time. Nothing is safe with me – I’ll pull it right off the wall if it will save me some cash.  :)

This time, I installed the trim again, using this technique – the molding is just the right width and matches up with our window sills perfectly:

I painted out everything in a glossy white paint, to give the illusion of window casings:

It’s the thrifty man’s version of beautiful molding around the windows. :) Not nearly as thick as I’d like, but I do love the result!

My main mission with this kitchen redo was to brighten up the space. It was never really dark and dreary, but I was craving a change after six years. My original plan was to paint our bay window area an apple green to go with the accent color in the room.

But we all know how the apple green went. :) NOT GOOD. Bad. Very, very bad.

So I decided to just paint the whole area out in the wall color that goes throughout our great room – Sisal from Ralph Lauren. BEST. color. ever. (Home Depot doesn’t carry the RL line anymore, but I think they can still find the formula for it! I get it matched to Behr paint.)

It brightened up the space so much, and I swear it made the area feel more spacious too!

The before, with the olive green bay window:

kitchen before

The after, with the Sisal walls, trimmed out windows and a few other new additions:

bay window after

But here comes the dilemma – I started making new window treatments a couple of months ago and they were a colossal FAIL. In the end, I think it was the fabric I chose. It was gorgeous, but too bland for the space. There wasn’t enough contrast -- everything was blending together.

And now that we’ve lived without treatments in this space, I have to say…I’m quite loving it!

FOR SHAME, I know! I’m usually a decorating, window treating, cover those windows, fanatic!!

But with the changes, this:

Now looks like this:


I mean, look at all that beautiful natural light! (I know, the before pic was taken at night, but just nod your head and agree with me.)  :)

Oh yeah, and the unplanted basil, honkin’ cat water bowl (with a fountain, GAH) and Halloween stickies on the window are the perfect touch. I know you’re jealous.

When I redid our backsplash, I took the beadboard up high around the window over the sink, and I absolutely love how it looks with the trim around the window:

beadboard backsplash

On a side note -- since all our other herbs died, I added a little Halloween to the sill by filling my Ball jars with candy corn:

candy corn jars

And sticking a little orange LED candle in each one:


Adorable. And I don’t like candy corn…so absolutely ZERO temptation. That is what I’m talkin’ about.

Anyhoo…I can’t believe it, but I don’t want to cover those windows! Is that crazy? Good LORD, is that even allowed?? Will the decorating police come and find me?

When we moved in, I put treatments up thinking I would close them often, but we’ve found little need to do that. Because of the way our house is situated, we don’t really need them for privacy.

I do think a bamboo roman shade would look pretty fab above that kitchen sink – especially up against all that white trim. But the bay windows are super skinny, so finding matching shades for those would be hard. (And expensive.)

So what do you think? Cover my nekked windows? Leave them alone? Just do a little somethin’ somethin’?

Are you a window treatment fool like me? Or do you prefer your windows completely uncovered? I think I may have crossed over. :)


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