Giveaway Weekend!


Hello there! I hope your weekend is going great! I am so excited to share this giveaway with you, because I use this stuff and LOVE IT.

BIG. FAT. love it. :)

I’ve mentioned the Shaklee cleaning products before, and my friend Bonnie from Donahue Wellness is back again with a fantastic giveaway for a BUNCH of you! Whoohoo!


I’m not just blathering on about these products – I really, truly love them, use them and believe in them. I admit, I used to be a total skeptic when it came to “green” cleaning products – when I first tried them out I was quite biased against them. (I’m not really sure why!)

But every time I try a new Shaklee product I am so pleased – they have completely converted me.  ;) I have quite literally taken all of our other cleaning products out of the linen closets and they have been banished to the basement.

I actually realized the other day (after having them down there for at least six months now) I will never use them, so I’m just going to donate it all to a local shelter.

I’ve shown you a few of my favorite Shaklee products before – one is the dishwashing detergent:


Pretty much everything is concentrated – meaning a tiny amount go a long way:


And it works. :)

Another one of my favorite products is the Scour Off paste:

scour off

First of all, it smells scrumptious. :) Seriously. Like bubble gum.

Secondly, within a few minutes, it took our oven door from the left picture to the right:

And the inside mess from this:


To this:nice!

And that was before I was completely done cleaning it! I tried everything to get that off. For YEARS. It was super sonic stuck, until that yummy paste.

Lately we’ve been trying the detergent, which comes in powder or liquid form:


Because so little goes a long way, all you need for a large load is two ounces:


(And it’s only one ounce for you lucky ducks with the front loaders!)

Just to show you a comparison, two ounces (for a large load) is half of the amount I need for a small load with the stuff we used to use:

And that box of Shaklee detergent is $21 (only $18 if you become a member), and our old detergent cost about $15 – so I’m getting more than two times the detergent for only three bucks more. (And that’s only for large loads!)

My very favorite Shaklee product is the Basic H2 Cleaning Concentrate:

Nooooo, it’s not just because the bottles are adorable. But they sure are, aren’t they?

I have now been using this bottle of concentrate for TEN MONTHS. Do you see how little I’ve used? I know, you probably don’t believe I even clean this house.

I do. Swear. I mean, not a LOT, but I clean.

I think that one bottle will last us YEARS. That is crazy!! I kind of giggle to myself, it’s so crazy. Nuts.

It lasts forever is because it’s concentrated:


The windows and mirrors mix still cracks me up – two DROPS. I actually mix my bottles (I have one upstairs and one down) for degreasing – so I use a bit more and use it on everything.







There’s really not much I don’t use it on. LURVE.

I am forever a Shaklee convert!

I’m actually going to give some of the concentrate away for Christmas gifts this year -- I have friends and family who will LOVE it. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving…a clean home! (But they still have to do the cleaning. Dang!)

I’m really excited about this giveaway, because Bonnie is giving away TWENTY samples of the Basic H2 concentrate! That’s enough to make two full bottles of the cleaning solution!

YAY!! If you’re like me, that’s enough to last you forever!  :)

There are two ways to enter. First, leave a comment here and tell us what area/spot/room/item you hate to clean the most. (You don’t have to, it’s just fun to commiserate.)

For your second entry, visit the Donahue Wellness Shaklee site here and take a look around. Find a product you love and come back here and let me know what it is.

This giveaway will be open until Tuesday at noon. Remember, be sure to leave an email if you comment anonymously!

For more info about Shaklee products or new member specials, feel free to email Bonnie at donahuewellness (at) hotmail (dot) com.

To get even  more inspired about cleaning, be sure to check out Bonnie’s blog, House of Grace. She shares some GREAT tips (and her house is beautiful to boot!)

Have a great weekend!!

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