Online store coming soon!

Several of you have emailed asking if my online store is up yet...   Well, it's been a loooong process (with my endless editing & changes- i might be the WORST client ever!!) but it's almost up & running!!  The online store itself has been created and here's a little sneak peek of the sign that's hanging up:

{created by super-talented Emily Thompson of emmarie web design ... adapted from the blog logo created for us by Jessica Nell Graves of Front Porch Studio whose work I also love}

I'm busy loading photos & descriptions of products & have decided on trying to use the same background for most of the products for now....

{Vintage canvas fruit picker and simple white background}

...and then -where possible- adding them into little vignettes for additional photos & ideas for what could be done with them:

{Fruit picker used to hold cleaning supplies & get them from room to room}

...Again, here's an antique pot:

...And in the pic below I filled it with chrysanthemums and added in some other items:

Here's a rustic hand-carved wooden tray:

And in the pic below I used it as a tray on the nightstand to corral books, jewelry & random things:

Anyway, all that's left to do is "set up shipping & taxes" and get the site online (no idea what this all entails but Emily's on it, so I'll keep you posted!!

The shopping categories I've decided on are:


Under "uncommon finds" you can expect to see similar items to the accessories used in the pic below of our living room:

{photo by Helen Norman}

...And the rug in our living room is one of the group of rugs we purchased to sell...  although it's now living with us.  (I told you I have a problem.)  People have asked me for prices on these wool rugs and they'll be priced from $3,400- $4,400.  They're handmade sun-washed reproduction rugs made to look like antiques and I've been told that I've priced them low for what they are.  Items in the store will run the gamut from $15-$20 all the way into the thousands with average accessory products in the $50- $150 range. 

There's nothing selling in the store that I wouldn't have in my own home or a client's home and I've chosen things that have caught my eye for one reason or another.  I typically go with my gut.  I'm not sure how quickly or slowly things will sell and have no idea what it will be like but am ready to give it a shot.  I'm putting everything that I currently have to sell in the store so if it sells out, I'll have to refill it with new things, and if nothing sells, I'll obviously wait :)     

I'm also in the process of working on a line of upholstered furniture and textiles and it will be a few more months before they're available.  Locally, they'll be available to sit on, lay on, etc. in the new Design Center my friend Elise is opening.  She's in the midst of negotiations for a space so I'll let you know the exact location as soon as we're sure.  The soonest would be February but we need to keep our fingers crossed for that.

Anyway, have a great weekend & stay warm!!!  This afternoon I'm off to help my cousin pick out a wedding dress!!! 

xoxo, Lauren

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