I love my Dremel

Howdy! Remember when I told you I got a fun new tool, and that tool was the Dremel Multi-Max?



Well, I told you I’d share the ways I’ve found to use it, and I found some GOOD ones. :)

The tool came with three attachments – two cutting blades and a sander. It was super easy to put them on – just loosen the nut, fit the attachment in and tighten:


I started with this one:


And I knew just what I wanted to attack with it:


We have a few windows in the house that are really showing their age – or at least the caulk around them is. You can see from above that some are not in the best shape. Not so great for the heating bill, I tell you.

I have a goal this winter to recaulk all of our windows, and I have heard to do it right, you need to remove the old stuff first. I was thisclose to ignoring that advice and going right over everything with new caulk – until the Multi-Max. :)

This thing was so stinkin’ cool, ACK!! I just turned it on, slid the attachment in, and let it get under the caulk:


I turned up the power a bit, and it just slid right under that stuff like butta.

It only took seconds to get a huge piece off:

  IMG_2420  IMG_2415 

And then I did the same along the bottom:


I put tape down on the window sill at first, thinking I might need it to protect the wood:


But this thing is stealth. No damage whatsoever. LOVE love love – can you believe I’m excited to tackle all the windows now? Who in their right mind enjoys removing caulk? Me, that’s who.

Next, I attached this baby to the Dremel:


Buwahahaha! Can you feel the power?? :)

It’s been years since I put up the beadboard in our laundry room, and I still haven’t finished it! Only half the room is done -- but I’m determined to finish it up soon. Actually, I have a little redo planned for that room (if I have my way is going to be a HUGE redo, but we will see). At the very least, I need to get the beadboard done.

The hardest part of the whole installation of beadboard (for me) is removing baseboards. I dream of chunky, thick baseboards in our house, and it would have happened a long time ago, but the builders of our home were serious when they installed them.

They are pain in the PATOOT to remove. I’m talking sweating, pulling, cursing, prying, destroying drywall, crying a little, pain.

So I had an idea – I used the Dremel to cut into the baseboards:


Like butta.

Then I took it along the top, where the drywall and board meet. I haven’t even pulled out the pry bar yet, but I can already budge them, just with my fingers.

Oh HAPPY DAY! The Dremel will save me much sweating. :) I figure if I keep cutting the baseboards every six inches or so, and then along the top as I go -- it’s going to help tremendously.

Finally, I pulled out the sander attachment:


I have a Craigslist dresser I’ve yet to show you, because I want to paint it. The seller painted the piece, but it wasn’t sanded at all between coats, so it’s really rough to the touch:


Since I’m repainting it, I needed to sand it down a bit. (I would have anyway – it’s that rough.)

So I used the Dremel to work on the little, skinny parts:


Do you KNOW how many times I could have used this in the past? Ugh. I love that you can really get around the curvy parts too:

IMG_2467 IMG_2471

The shape is perfect – it literally just slid around the detail of the drawers, like…wait for itBUTTA.

My little sanding block can’t compete. :)

My very favorite part is that you turn it on, then you can adjust the power while it’s on:


I found myself adjusting as I went constantly – it’s so easy to do while you’re using the tool.

So there. you. go. Need a gift idea for the handy guy in your life? The hard to buy for Dad? Grandpa? Or maybe for YOU? (I won’t tell.) This little tool packs a punch – I’m not lyin’ when I say I’m super impressed with it.

Can’t wait to knock some more caulk off the windows! After the holidays, of course. :) No more DIY around here till after January 1st. (I’m writing that down so I will stick to it.)

I’ll be back this week with one more easy Christmas idea, then I’m outtie till after Christmas. :)

Hope your buying, wrapping, cooking, baking and entertaining is all going GREAT! 

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