Master bedroom redo: Part one

I know I promised a post about the NYC trip today, but I’m waiting on everyone else to post about it so I can copy all their pictures. ;) That’s how I roll.

So…you may or may not remember my post a couple of months ago about our bed, and why it made me cry I never made it.

I told you then I was on a search for new bedding…and I found it, over time. I big fat LOVE IT.

And oh yeah – IT FITS THE BED. Can I get an AMEN? And a hollaaa?

This process was not a cheap one, and I splurged more than once. So if you don’t like it when this Thrifty Chick splurges, please…just step. away. from. the. blog. now.

We like to sleep and we sleep as often as possible and I believe we deserve some sahhweeet bedding. And we paid for it all in CASH. :) (Don’t hate Dave Ramsey!)

So anyhoo…the transformation started with new sheets. I had my eye on a new duvet cover, and when I decided it would be the one, I knew I wanted luscious chocolate brown sheets to go with it.

We had brown before, but these are luscious chocolate brown. There is a difference:

chocolate brown target sheets

I love that pretty detail! Oh, and did I mention they are 500 count sheets? LUSCIOUS.

And they actually FIT and stay put:

I believe the package said they fit mattresses up to 18 inches, and ours is a tad over 17 – and they really fit, they weren’t just saying that.  ;)

Total cost was $80 I believe? (At Target.) Totally WORTH IT.

Next up was a biggie – a blanket. We needed something that would go from summer to winter with no issues – not too heavy, not too light.

On a trip to Pottery Barn for my family room pillows a while back, I saw the most simple, beautiful blanket called the Fisherman Knit Blanket. I may or may not have brushed it against my cheek. I’m serious – it was crazy soft.

And so incredibly expensive. About $150 expensive. I know, stop choking. I know.

But I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was obsessed. I looked it up on Ebay for weeks, hoping to find a deal and nada. I looked it up on PB for weeks hoping it would go on sale and nothin’.

And then I saw something that sealed the deal. One customer who reviewed the blanket online said it was just lovely, but to watch out because it stretched…a lot.

Ding ding ding!!! It was the one. I knew it would fit over all sides of our monstrous bed!:

I bit my lip and went in and bought the blanket – the most expensive blanket I’ve ever owned. And it is so freakin’ fantastic, I cannot even stress it to you how fantastic it is. It is like cuddling up with a cloud.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding. I caress it every single night:

One of my biggest complaints of our old comforter/duvet was that it wouldn’t hang over our thick, king-sized mattress. One day I finally realized why. First of all, the duvet cover had shrunk over time (the whole set was only $25 on Ebay, so I’m not surprised) and when I took the comforter out of the duvet, I laid it down to measure it.

My “king-sized” comforter wasn’t king at all – it was a queen. Yeeaaahhh. Four years and I never realized. Really? I know it said king on the package.

So off to Target I went again, to buy a real king size comforter. For reals this time. I checked. :)

The best part is that it has tabs inside so you can tie the duvet to it:

I love smart stuff. I thought only the fancy schmancy duvets and comforters had that little ditty.

And then…it was onto the duvet cover. I was trying to avoid another duvet…I just didn’t want to deal with it again. But this one at Target had been calling to me for months. Every time I went in I would put it in my cart, put it back, put it in my cart, put it back.

And one day, when I had the cash saved up, I got it. And it’s lovely:

target duvet

It’s all creamy and rusty and chocolatey and soft and it’s SO US. There was very little color in the room other than the walls and drapes before, so I wanted to add a pop of something. And the rust color was that something.

The final splurge was a throw for the end of the bed. I see pictures of beds with a throw laid across the bed and it just screams luxury to me. There was a rust colored throw and shams set that worked perfectly with the duvet (also from Target):

rust and chocolate pillows

The only part of the bed I haven’t splurged on is the pillows – the throws are all from before.

So now, this bed, that took a good 45 minutes of my life every time I made it:

Has turned into this soothing spot:

  rust and chocolate bedding

(Ignore the purple drapes falling off the rod, umkay? They’re going.)

And this science fair of a side:

Is now this:

target rust beddingBest part? It took less than 20 minutes to make, from start to finish. I have actually been known to make our bed lately. Can you believe it??

Close your gaping mouth, it’s true.

So there you have it, our new bedding, step by step. I bought everything over a couple months, as we had the cash to spend. There’s still SO much to do to this room! I’d like some pillows to fill up those shams a bit better , I need to make a (LONG) bedskirt and I have a few ideas in mind for the wall behind the bed:

Plus new lamps, nightstands and drapes! I’ve made a few other changes in here already that I’ll show you soon. The redo is going to happen slowly, but that’s how I do it best. :)

I adore how warm and cozy it is – of course the colors are perfect for fall, but we love them year round. And they work great with the greyish green color on the walls. (Valspar color called Tornado Watch, from Lowes.)

I’m trying to decide what color to do the bedskirt – cream or chocolate? Or maybe rust? Is that too much rust? We’ve gone without a skirt all this time and I really want to get one on there. I’m tired of seeing the extra dining table leaf sticking out from under the bed. ;)

I had fun taking pics for this post with a little somethin’ somethin’ that followed me home from the camera store today:

WHOO!!! :) Isn’t it amazing?! Oh my goodness…I have so much to learn! Can anyone recommend a web site that explains aperture and all that good stuff?


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