Showing off Emily

Hello peeps! I’m kicking off my “Show Me Off” series today with a blogger I know you’ll be spending a couple hours catching up on (if you haven’t already!) So just let the kids and the hubs know they’re on their own for dinner tonight. And maybe breakfast tomorrow. ;)

Emily at Decor Chick submitted a few projects that were a tuggin’ at my little decorating heart and I couldn’t wait to share them with you! And no, it wasn’t just because I liked her blog name so much!  :)

If you’ve been around these parts for one hot second, you know of my deep, abiding, bordering-on-obsession love of molding. Seriously. Sometimes I think I need a support group. By now I’ve brought so many of you on board, we’d have a nice little group going.

Emily and her Dad (LOVE when the Dads help!!) took this blank wall that was pitifully begging, “Please dear owner, please please put some molding on me?”:

And with a few boxes, added mucho character:

molding wall

Love that she filled in the wall with more photos too – it looks fab!

For more on this project, go here.

She found this little media cabinet at a thrift store:

Then took the doors off, added some beadboad wallpaper and some accessories, and how pretty is that?:

media cabinet redo

That little lamp inside totally makes it, don’t you think? It’s so warm and pretty!

For more on that one, go here.

Emily saw a William’s Sonoma knock-off idea over at Get Your Martha On (I adore that blog name!) who got it from somewhere else, and so on. (The beauty of blogland!)

The inspiration was this fab hurricane:


So she made these, for TWO BUCKS EACH people!:

Williams Sonoma hurricanes

Umm…hello, that is awesome. I am envisioning these in my house filled with leaves and acorns for fa…… oops. Almost said it. Not gonna.


I’m totally making some! :)

For more on how to make the hurricanes, go here.

Emily attacks some painting projects I’m not sure I would attempt. Well, maybe I would, but there would be a whole lot of crying. And whimpering.

She took a dining hutch she had for years:

And painted it, beadboarded it, accessorized it and got this gorgeous result:

painted dining hutch

I love love love that she used frames and other decor in the hutch – thinking outside of the box my friends. It looks FAB!

For more on this project, go here.

Pretty awesome, eh? Thanks for kicking off this shindig Emily!

Would you like me to show off one (or more) of your projects? If so, send me all of the pictures/links/info I’ll need, and email them to me at thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “Show Me Off!”

I’ve had quite a response, so bear with me – it will take a while to get to all of you talented Squeezies!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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