Modern Contemporary White Interior Design

Modern Contemporary White Interior Design
There's plenty to love about using white for interior design. White isn't simply an absence of colour. White creates an image of elegance, brightness and expansiveness. It also symbolises purity, goodness and lightness of being. White is definitely far from boring, but it does involve a number of interior design techniques in order to fuse in a modern contemporary look. Here are some pointers on how to use white as part of your home décor without emitting a sterile hospital-like vibe.

First of all, although we seem to always think of white as one particular shade, the truth is that choosing the right shade of white is not so, well, black and white. There are actually many different tones of white and the colours that would match these white tones would be remarkably different. For instance, blue-tinted white will look jarring against a red sofa. To incorporate warmth in your interior design, opt for whites that have hints of yellow, like ivory, beige and cream. Cool hues look best with brighter whites.

Having white as the theme for your furniture is extremely trendy, as you can see from flipping through interior design magazines. White furniture against white background will give you the sensation of a very modern contemporary empty room, making the room appear bigger than it really is.

White is also very versatile. Depending on how you accessorise the rest of your room, you can create a minimalist, romantic, classic or even dramatic feel. For example, black and white photographs would add a touch of timeless romanticism to the space. Bring in a red bowl and watch how it attracts attention and changes the mood of the entire interior design.
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