How to make a bed

I’ve mentioned before that our bed is unmade about 99.99999 percent of the time. I just don’t do it. I don’t make beds. It’s kind of like the movie Groundhog’s Day to me – I mean, why go through all that just to have it messed up again in a few hours?

YES, I know it’s more than a few. Maybe more like twelve. Whatever.

But when I do make it, I find it to be really, really lovely. A made bed instantly makes the room feel put together, clean, serene. I feel calm when the bed is made.

So, because I washed our sheets the other day, I got a wild hair and figured I would make our bed. It was on a whim, so I did it later in the day. Which supports my theory on NOT making the bed even MORE…but I digress.

There is one big reason I rarely make our bed. And that reason is one MASSIVE mattress. It takes fooooorever…AGES to make it. Decades people.

I took pictures along the way to show you the agony that is making our bed. Prepare yourself.

Let’s look at the time, shall we?:010

Step 1: Discuss my plan of attack. With myself.:


(I cannot believe I am showing you our unmade bed.)

Holy cats. I’m already trembling in fear.

Step 2: Use all of my body weight to force the fitted sheet back over the mattress:


Step 3: Curse the day we thought it would be “so awesome” to get a mattress, with an extra mattress, with a pillow top, with a feather bed on top:


That’s 17 inches of softness baby. Did I mention NO SHEETS FIT? We do have one set, but it’s for the winter. So the rest of the year, I wrestle with the fitted sheet almost daily.

The fitted sheet usually wins:


That thing is tighter than me in my high school jeans. :)

Step 4:  Pull out the lint grabber and get all the cat hair and lint off the decorative pillows:


THREE cats people. Three.

Step 5:  Dig toys, sippy cups, remotes and Bear out of the sheets:


Yes, he’s maimed. We prefer the term “loved.”  :)

Step 6: Actually start making the bed. Break your back tucking in the sheets. Curse the day that you thought it was such a great idea to put the Target storage bins that you can’t sit or kneel on or they bend at the end of the bed:


Step 7:  Pull the twisted, smashed duvet cover out of it’s lodged spot because you were too lazy to put it back over the comforter when you washed it two weeks ago.

Step 8:  Wipe the sweat off your brow.

Step 9:  Iron said duvet. Yes. I said it. IRON IT:


Step 10:  Say a curse word. Under your breath. So the cats and the Bub don’t hear.

Step 11:  Lay the comforter out on the floor, and count the “squares” so you can figure out which freakin’ way is the long way:


Step 12:  Stuff comforter inside the newly ironed duvet cover. Sweat some more.

Step 13: Try not to cry. You CAN do this!

Step 14: Arrange comforter on bed just so, to camouflage the divots in the mattress that make it appear as though you and your husband are each 500 pounds:


Step 15:  Realize, yet again, that NOTHING fits a king-sized mattress that is SEVENTEEN inches thick. Try every way possible to get the bedding to cover all sides of the bed.

Step 16: Take the comforter OUT of the duvet, (the one you just put it in), lay it over the comforter to see if it hangs over the side more:


Step 17: Whimper.

Step 18: Pep talk time. Sarah YOU CAN MAKE THIS BED!

Step 19: Curse the day you bought a duvet cover with a huge rectangle on it, because it’s off center when you pull more of it over to the left side:


Step 20: Realize you just wasted a hour of your life. But you may have also lost a pound or two sweating, because your bed is ten feet off the ground and you have to run to each side every five seconds to adjust each side:


So there you go. Ridiculous, eh? Yes. It is. I realize this more every time I make it. But that’s only three times a year, so you see why it’s not high on the priorities:


But I have been a thinkin’ lately about a little update for our bedroom. New bedding, drapes, reworking the layout a bit…and I’m determined to replace the fan with a beautiful chandy.

I’ve secretly set the air to 55 degrees every night this summer so hubby won’t think we need it anymore.

KIDDING. (That is a good idea though. Hmmm.)

I’ve been browsing bedding online for the past few weeks, trying to decide if I’m going to go the HomeGoods affordable route, or the pricey Pottery Barn one. Hotel look like we have, or a bold print? Duvet, quilt or comforter?

I love these options from Crate and Barrel:

AbigailPslyBdgPimaIvryShtS9 GraceBdgClassicKhakiShtsF10

I adore this Barbara Barry set:


But it would require repainting the room, and I do love our warm grey green color.

This set by Restoration Hardware is SO lovely!:


And pricey! :) But I bet it’s worth it.

I’ve had my eye on this set from West Elm for about three years:


It comes in so many lovely colors and it’s not insanely expensive. I just adore the big, fluffy tufts. I think it would look positively heavenly.

But would it cover both sides of the bed? THAT is the question!

So how about you – do you make your bed every day? Do you…really? ;) Is there a bedding set you love? Do you splurge? If so, is it worth it?

I’m determined to buy 1,000 count sheets before I die. And I will find fitted sheets that don’t pop off.

I will.

Thank you to my new advertiser!:


P.S. It doesn’t always take quite an hour. Usually less. Sometimes I iron the duvet after it’s already on the bed, which saves a good 15 minutes. :)

P.P.S. Many have emailed me to find out where I got our bedding – it was an Ebay SCORE – only $25 for the set! But the seller is no longer on Ebay, and the tag on the bedding doesn’t have a brand name. I searched “hotel bedding” to find it.

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