Before and After Party: Clock cloche

Anyone else glued to the Bachelorette tonight? ;) Don’t worry, I won’t ruin it for anyone. But it was GOOD. (YES. I have watched every season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Good stuff.) Ohhh Lordy, the rainbow part just about KILLED me!! Sniff.

Hubs and I were so taken with the shots of Tahiti, we were searching to see how much a trip there would cost. Let’s just say we need to wait till Dave Ramsey will let us. ;)

For this month’s party, I transformed a $3 Goodwill find, and it took all of ten minutes to complete. Score!

Cloches are BIG right now – and I luuuuurve ‘em. I’ve found a few -- my favorite (and biggest) one was a Goodwill find:

(I have since sprayed the base cream, but I think it may go back to black. OH the wonders of spray paint!!)

Some I have no idea where I got:


One was a antique find:


And one I made from other stuff and called it a cloche:

cloche with pears


Well, that was how this one worked out as well. And it was SO easy. I found one of those clocks under glass jobbies at Goodwill:

I saw the idea somewhere in blogland months ago, and I have NO idea where it was. (If you know, will you let me know so I can link to it?)

**Molly did one, you can find it here!

It look about two minutes to take the screws out of the bottom and take it all apart:

 009 011

The base was plastic (other than the glass dome, everything was plastic!), so I spray primed it, then sprayed it in ORB spray paint as well.

I found a $1 mirror from Michaels that fit right over the top of the base, to hide the holes and that was IT!

Now the only problem is finding the perfect tchotchkes to put under it!

Too squatty:

Too white:

Too tall!:

Good for now!:


(The vase doesn’t have water in it, but it looks like it does! Weird!)

I thought about adding something to the top as a handle, but it’s just fine as is. It’s not the fanciest, biggest cloche I’ve ever seen, but it’s pretty darn cute for just four bucks total! (And about ten minutes of work!)

So my before and after for this month…

Before, my $3 Goodwill clock:

After, a pretty adorable (and cheap!) cloche!:

clock turned cloche

I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this month!

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The party will be open till next Monday, so link it UP! Have fun! :)

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