Grundtal, Hemnes, Karlstad Huh?

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Sooo, I know many of you were shocked that I had never been to an IKEA. I have heard these fabulous stories of this fantastical place over the years and I’ve always wondered if it really is all that.

Uh. YEAH. It is. And a bag of chips. With dip on the side. And a Pepsi. With little crunchy ice.

Yum. All that.

I finally had an excuse to go – I’m working on the kitchen redo and got a butcher block countertop for the island quoted at Home Depot. It was $1,300 for the most basic finish. So some lovely readers suggested IKEA and I knew the day had finally arrived…

I was going to eat some Swedish meatballs!:


And eat them I did. All of them. YUM. (With a Pepsi on the side, thankyouverymuch.)

My sis and I took a day trip out last Friday – she just moved into her first house and I was going to get my butcher block and maybe a few other things.

Buwahahahahaha. That’s hilarious. “Few other things” my booty.

I wanted to show you some of the fun stuff we found while browsing!

Some lovely pillows in super fun prints for crazy low prices!:


I think the (big) lumbar pillows like this are $19.99? Nuts!

I have seen many desks made from Ikea materials on various HGTV shows, and when I saw these curvy legs I felt like I was meeting a TV star:


I love the sawhorse legs as well:


Then you can pick from a meeellion table tops – I didn’t even get a picture of some of the prettiest ones!:


The lighting is ahhhmazing! And CHEAP!:031

Aren’t those so precious?

This one made me swoooon:


The possibilities are endless!:

033 034  036

The kid stuff is just too darn cute. You could create the most adorable play room with just items from IKEA:

024 025

There were super fun fabrics for kid’s spaces as well (lots of polka dots!!) and other funky prints as well:


IKEA has massive canvas art in really cool prints:

015038 040

Some of these were something like six by five feet – and only $150!! I looove that last one – so cool!

Although much of the store is contemporary, there are a few touches of traditional pieces that I was swooning over:


They had a whole beadboard kitchen set up – and the prices are insane. INSANE. (Meaning good.)

The kitchen and cooking supplies were never-ending! I loved these funky glasses:


And check out these cute sisters!:



The RUGS. Oh, the rugs. This almost seven by ten jute rug was $149!:


The five by seven sizes were $30 I think? It was some crazy low number.

There are little funky, fun touches everywhere, and these hooks were one of my faves:


Isn’t that FUN??

So a part of the kitchen redo fell through yesterday, and I was trying to figure out a replacement – and at midnight last night it hit me.

I may have to go back to IKEA. Tomorrow. To get a sofa table. Hmmm.

So this morning I made a few calls, got the Bub packed up (it’s about an hour and 45 minute drive) and off we went for a whirlwind of a trip!

YES, I am a little bit crazy. Just a tad. Leeetle bitty.

Of course I forgot the stroller, (like he would sit in it anyway), so the Bub was my yellow bag cart driver:


He only knocked over maybe 18 people.  ;)

We managed to get out with my sofa table and just a little bit more. Maybe a lot more. Whatever.

The thing about IKEA furniture is they don’t have words in the assembly instructions. Words are a good thing.

I only messed up the first step five times, but after that it went surprisingly fast and easy! So easy a three-year-old can do it:


Oh, my sweet, sweet boy with his “tools.” I could just pass out from his cuteness!

It took less than an hour to get it together – and it’s SOLID. I’m kind of wondering if this place is really heaven and I’m traveling through space and time or something, cause it’s too good to be true:


I. love. it. I know $150 sofa table isn’t going to last us forever, but compared to something from Target or wherever, I’m impressed!

I’m playing around with accessories, and LOVING that I have another spot for pretties!:


I’m going to paint the boxes (they were from the nursery), maybe stain the baskets, move things around, and this will look completely different when I’m done of course. :)

But I love my IKEA $150 spur of the moment sofa table! And now I’m so glad my other plans fell through. :)

I’ll show you my other goodies later this week! So are you an IKEA fan? Been there? Want to? (Go! Go! GO!)

P.S. The names in the title are products names at IKEA. In Swedish. Wait. Is Swedish a language? I don’t know. All I know is you need to look at the pictures to figure out what stuff is – the names tell you nada. :)

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