Giveaway Weekend!

**Because of some issues with Blogger, I am keeping this giveaway open until Wednesday the 8th at noon.
Hello there and happy weekend to you! And you! ;)
I’m progressing on the kitchen projects this weekend and I continue to be pleased as PUNCH with how it’s turning out! My plan is to finish up the backsplash so I can show you this week. But I still have about eleventy billion things to do with it before it’s done, so we’ll just see about that. :)
This weekend I have another FAB giveaway for you SQUEEZES from my advertiser My Design Guide.
I’ve told you about My Design Guide before – it’s a fantastic design site that allows you to email your photos in for a professional design consultation, and within a week you’ll have a virtual redo – in living color!
The consultation is complete with a graphic representation of what the room would look like when completed, and a list of everything you will need to paint, accessorize and furnish the room. Whoo hoo!
A few months ago, TDC reader Amanda won the My Design Guide giveaway and got a FREE full room redesign. I LOVE that she had something unique they needed to work around:
If you didn’t notice – the animal busts on the fireplace wall needed to stay, and the designer made them totally work in the new design!:
90000027image1 90000027image2 90000027image3Isn’t is so warm and cozy? They recognized the need for a “functional, inviting and comfortable” space and made the redesign work with Amanda and her family in mind – LOVE THAT.
The folks at My Design Guide also took into account Amanda’s love of the color sage green, and suggested a wall color (Sagey from Behr) based on that:
It’s PERFECT for this room!
To keep with the rustic look, they suggested items like a plank wood coffee table, leather chairs and table lamps with a black iron branch shaped base – all perfect for the feel of this room!
The MDG designer includes pictures of every item they suggest for the room, along with a link to where you can find it:
90000027acc01 90000027acc02 90000027acc03
90000027acc04 90000027acc05
90000027acc06 90000027acc13
I LOVE that they only source from stores most anyone has nearby – Target and JCPenney’s for example. (Score!) And many of the items they suggest can be found online stores at really affordable rates.
And one of my very favorite things about My Design Guide is that they put every. single. accessory and suggested furniture into a neat and tidy list, complete with the prices and links to the sites where you can find them. (See Amanda’s list here.)
Isn’t that FAB? I don’t think Amanda has completed her redo yet (let us know Amanda!), but she has absolutely everything she’ll need to get the process started!
My Design Guide also offers smaller services other than there full room designs – you can utilize their services for bathroom decoration, window treatments, art and accessories and SO much more – all at very affordable pricing.
The folks at My Design Guide are graciously giving away FIVE $50 gift cards (five winners, $50 each) to use as you wish for their professional services! Got a problem area that’s driving you nutty? You’d be able to utilize one of their many professional services to help you figure out exactly what to do!
And the best part? You don’t have to clean your whole house so a designer can walk through! :) You just have to clean one little room to take pictures – and if you’re like me, that means chucking the stuff behind the sofa and into a closet. :)
You know the deal! For your first chance to win this fantastic giveaway, leave a comment here. Then, visit My Design Guide here to check out the different services they offer, then come back and leave a second comment telling us which service you would try out for another chance to win.
Easy peasy Squeezies! Have fun and have a GREAT remainder of your weekend!
**The Before and After Party will go up Monday evening this week, instead of late Sunday evening, so be prepared to link it up a little later than usual! :)
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